Found of History

Discover Alsatian History through the richness of its patrimony.

From medieval period to vestiges of the last War, you will be able to apprehend the events which have created our beautiful country:

A few cables length away from Lembach, come to discover, in family, at Fleckenstein castle, Knight Hugo and Princess Mathilde adventures, in pleasant and play spirit.

Turn you towards the settings of Dambach and Niederbronn : you will appreciate the beauty of their vestiges.

Witness of our modern history, La Ligne Maginot invites us to memory duty :

From the Fort de Schoenenbourg to the Four à Chaux of Lembach or the blockhouse Rieffel in Oberroedern, visit these fortifications with explanations and testimonies of passionate persons.

Many museums are evenly accessible… The Iron museum in Reichshoffen, Museum of war of 1870 in Woerth, the Shelter Museum in Hatten, or the Historical Museum of the town of Haguenau will make you travel through more than 200 years.

Major actor of our local History, the religious patrimony of the north of Alsace is rich of churches and abbey. Besides the famous Cathedral from Strasbourg, Marienthal town disposes of a multi-centuries old covent, and you will be able to admire one of the uncommon half-timbered church in  Kuhlendorf village.